The American Red Cross needed tools to help it accomplish its work in developing countries. Kushner Management  Advisory Services prepared measurement tools and a facilitator=s guide for delegates, based on the Open Systems model.  The tools are now used world‑wide to evaluate the performance of Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies. 


The City of Bethlehem sought economic and financial analysis regarding a money‑losing landfill.  After researching the market, Kushner Management Advisory Services presented four scenarios and suggested outcomes for each one. The most beneficial alternative was to privatize. The landfill was sold for $26.1 million. 


Digistate, Inc. needed a business plan and support in obtaining funding to develop and commercialize client‑server software for facilitating real estate transactions. Kushner Management Advisory Services prepared a business plan and assisted in obtaining government funding. 


A new CEO in a financial services company had conflicts with the long‑time VPs. After interviewing executives and leading group discussion, Kushner Management Advisory Services presented protocols to improve communication and management decision‑making. The problems have been resolved. 


Atlanta=s arts policy makers wanted to know how Atlanta compared with other regional arts economies. Kushner Management Advisory Services led a research team that compared 20 metropolitan regions. The report has contributed to cultural and community development policy for the Atlanta area.


The Community Service Society of New York needed to evaluate its eight program departments.  Using the Open Systems model, Kushner Management Advisory Services developed customized tools for each department to measure its own performance and for upper management to measure the performance of the system as a whole.