Welcome to Kushner Management Advisory Services, a management consulting and research firm in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, serving clients throughout the U.S. 


Kushner Management Advisory Services helps business nonprofit, and government organizations to perform as effectively as possible and reach their strategic objectives. 


Kushner Management offers:


Advisory Services: Building management capacity for organizational effectiveness

Analysis and Research: Solving economic, business, and policy questions with clear answers

Training and Education: Building organizational and individual learning

Communications: Reaching external and internal stakeholders


Kushner Management provides informed and experienced analysis, research, planning, training, and facilitation to guide organizations and their managers and leaders to success in complex and changing business environments.


Kushner Management Advisory Services

Roland J. Kushner, Ph.D., Director

Post Office Box 4213

Bethlehem, PA 18018-0213 U.S.A.

Tel: 610-428-7995

Email: roland@rjkushner.com

Web: www.rjkushner.com/advise.htm